“I have known Jennifer for many years. She has carved out a very successful career in Publishing from a young age before making a mark in Awards, Events and Training. One common observation I have which stood out throughout her Publishing, Awards and Training career is that she always strives to be the leader in her fields.

Her training methods are lively, authentic and full or energy. Her ability to motivate and change mindsets are clearly demonstrated in a course she ran for our luxury hotel’s pre-opening team. She has successfully created a highly motivated hotel team operating at the top level of service. If any of you have the chance to be trained and coached by Jennifer, it is an opportunity not to be missed! Her courses are mind blowing and will certainly put you ahead of the game. “

Datuk Lai Voon Hon

Group Managing Director
Ireka Corporation Berhad

“Jennifer is a dynamic coach who is able to leave a mark in my heart, even if the desire to change has long been buried by life circumstance. She is passionate and committed to causing a stir in my inner heart to drive the change in myself with an extremely powerful gift of sharing life anecdotes, authentic stories and even her own personal experiences that are relatable.

Her teaching method is energetic, relatable and dynamic. There was not a moment which I was not challenged inwardly about my old mindset. This is why the training was so effective for me – I was made to realign my thoughts and refocus on what I want to achieve in life. She is certainly a gem of a coach that can transform lives and cultivate leadership.”

Phang Sze Sze

General Manager
Avenue K

Jennifer Ong is a person that exudes positive energy to the people around her. A genuinely active person that sees possibilities in all circumstances, especially challenging ones.

She is highly pragmatic in her approach to life and business, Jennifer Ong simply choose to take charge of her future by producing the outcome that she desires. As an NLP Master Coach and Trainer, Jennifer is poised to be the catalyst that takes businesses and the hospitality industry to new heights. A progressive thinker and an avid learner of human potential, Jennifer’s clients benefit the most from her revolutionary mindset shift and her keen eye for what matters most in a situation.

With a gentle and determined spirit, Jennifer is someone that you’ll want in your corner. I’ve coached and trained with her, she is absolutely amazing!

Terence Jiam

NLP Trainer
Hypnosis Trainer
Time Line Therapy® Trainer
NLP Coaching Trainer
Business Acceleration Coach

I have immense respect for Jennifer – both as a friend, and as a Malaysian corporate figure. Her strength of purpose, her drive and grit only serve to underscore her firm resolve in ‘getting the job done’ and making the world a better place. Her achievements are well documented, and her success given due recognition, not just by the media but by the industry leaders at large.

Jennifer’s drive and determination to ‘getting things done’ have propelled her towards a high-level of leadership position, especially within the hospitality and F&B world; now ever so, being one of the few VOICES for the industry during these challenging times of Covid-19. I personally witnessed her handle all sorts of situations – from business decisions to a call-for-action – Jennifer bravely stood out and took the lead to be the ‘voice’ of the industry to garner government support for the SMEs during the Covid-19 crisis. In a span of just a few days, she pulled together a group of industry peers, initiated and implemented significant and consequential media programs and collaboration to help and support others. This is truly commendable and exemplary of what defines a great leader.

Jennifer’s energetic and unassuming ways belies her warm personality, which shines through with every meeting up. Over the years and getting to know her better, I saw a strong yet kind woman; positively firm yet gentle, fun-loving, highly respected, loved and admired by all whom she encountered in her daily life. Her zest for life, her curiosity for knowledge and learning, her bottomless ability to “connect” with a diverse range of people is contagious to say the least.

I have often wondered how Jennifer can pack so much into a day. And until today, I am still in awe of her vitality, her energy, perseverance, and sustenance for life! Knowing her has certainly enriched my life – she is a natural social networker – always connecting people and establishing meaningful contacts – and it’s an honor to be counted amongst her network of associates.

Let Jennifer do the job for you. If anyone can, Jen can!

Michele Kwok

Executive Director
The SOUL Society Group

Kent Chua

Co-Founder l Group CEO, Rhombus Connexion

This course is really great. It helped me to shift my mindset towards being more positive and optimistic. Besides, it helped me to clear my mind and path my future better, where I can focus on what I should do and what my responsibilities are so that I can see things and goals clearer.

Jolene Goh


Jennifer Ong is a lady with many roles. She is a publisher, awards organizer, mindset trainer and a mother to 3 beautiful children. I have known Jennifer for more than 20 years. Her passion for the hospitality industry is so fiery and admirable. She made significant strides in bringing the hospitality industry to greater heights where she published Hospitality Asia, an industry-specific magazine for hospitality and created the HAPA Awards to reward the front-end and back-end of the house service heroes by giving them due recognition.

During the MCO period, her voice for the industry was impactful as she fought hard with her heart and soul for all of us in hospitality industry, particularly hotels, restaurants and bars, to gain the necessary attention, understanding and help they deserve.These sectors were badly hit, and unfortunately gained the least sympathy from all levels.

Jennifer, on behalf of the hospitality industry, thank you so much for being our voice and fighting it with all of us. We are truly grateful for your effort. Thank you again and God Bless.

Elyna Tan

Paradise Group Malaysia

I was very fortunate to be nominated for this training by my manager before I even asked her. So firstly, thanks to her. Then comes the better and best part of the training! Yes, it was indeed meeting Jennifer! Jennifer was so full of energy and positive vibes! I always love being with people like that as it keeps my positive energy highly motivated. So, I felt great when I met her! You can actually feel the vibes!!

I was very motivated to attend the classes daily. It was highly energetic. Everyone was part of the team. No one felt left out. Everyone progressed together.

Jennifer is very passionate about what she is doing and gives her best to it. Her classes are really motivating as she shares life stories! Real stories of her life and it gives us an opportunity to relate that to our own lives. I was able to relate to many things and understood finally on why and how they were happening!! Phew!

I must say that she is a very dynamic, self-motivated and extraordinary person and is passionate about delivering that same power to her participants.

Thank you, Jennifer! Wishing you a whole load of good wishes to continue this passion.

Radhika Ramakrishnan

Reservations Manager

I would like to recommend Jennifer Ong, someone I know very well and have been working with for the last 10 years in my capacity as legal advisor and strategist for the HAPA Group. I know Jennifer as a bubbly, energetic and highly motivated person who brightens up the room with her smile every time she walks in. Jennifer is very professional and is a very capable person. She carries herself very well and is very effective in putting a message out to the world.

Jennifer has been very effective with her training programmes and we have received many commendations from both companies and individuals that have engaged her services as she is a trained Mindset Coach and a Certified NLP Master Practitioner. Jennifer adds to whatever that is available out there and this sets her apart from others. I highly recommend Jennifer and look forward to her future accomplishments. If you have a chance to be trained and coached by her, I strongly encourage you to grab the opportunity!

Dato' David Gurupatham

Managing Partner
David Gurupatham & Koay (DGK Legal)

I recommend Jennifer as an insightful, heart-centred, results-oriented business and life success coach. She will awe you with her precision coaching and help you quickly determine the strategy for moving into your vision for growth! I am honoured to know her as part of a F&B group and have benefited greatly from her observations and intuitive coaching style.

I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a highly qualified, motivational, and inspiring coach. I would be happy to speak with you directly and share more insight about Jennifer.

Basil Joseph

FGS Events Management

Dear Ms Jennifer Ong,

Glad and blessed I have been chosen to be part of HAPA Academy Training with the HAPA Team and I am still practicing the Law of Attraction everyday when I go to work to attract positive vibes and aura in my daily routine at work.

It was an honour for me to be part of your student in this HAPA Training. I believe my work purpose to make my guests and my associates happy, successful, make them feel appreciated and it will turn come back to me.

My next goal besides make the guests and associates happy is I want to be the Best Front Office Associate for HAPA Award!

#InnShaaAllah #Soon


Guest Services
The RUMA Hotel & Residences

Jennifer is a bellwether in the hospitality industry who cares for the well being of the industry players. Her philosophy of humanising the industry with more positivity and soul is an eye-opener for many.

This is a session not to be missed by those who are eager to transform their company to emerge stronger post Covid-19 crisis.

She’s Witty & Humorous! You will walk away with a positive mindset that will change your company culture.

Tham Lih Chung

Union Artisan Coffee

Glad I signed up for this “Shifting Mindsets” training course conducted by Jennifer Ong, as sometimes in life we tend to think that we hit the roof, feeling stuck or what went wrong. It all begins with how we want to listen and think. So whether the outcome will be positive or negative is based on our choices.

I’ve applied it at work after the course and can see colleagues around me feel the changes and get affected by the positive vibes.

Alwin Yu


I am delighted to recommend Jennifer Ong from HAPA Academy as an excellent Mindset Trainer.

I’m glad to be selected by our company to attend the Shifting Mindsets for the Hospitality and Service Industry – Transforming Attitudes Towards Achieving Excellence training course.

I’ve benefited a lot from this training. This training is not only applicable to my career but also to my personal life. I attended this training on 27th & 28th May 2019 and I feel amazing and great everyday since the training because I’ve learned that “There’s no replacement for hard work and grit when it comes to achieving our goals and keeping our heads in the right place along the way is very important”. I still apply whatever methods I’ve learned and I reflect on what I’ve learned and applied to my daily life.

Very engaging training with lots of opportunity to participate. An excellent trainer, obviously an expert in her field, practical elements. The training helped me a lot, especially happy with a balance, which is tailored to my life situation.

Carmen See

GPL Group

This training course gave major benefits to me in my day to day work. Course was very good. The content was great, and the trainer related it well to our business. The trainer is described as ‘open, relaxed, very engaging, informative, interesting and an excellent communicator. 

Overall –  Excellent!

Tengku Nur Afiqah​

Berjaya Global

Thanks to Jennifer and her HAPA team of trainers for getting our staff to truly believe in themselves and what they can achieve if they deliver their best! Jennifer has indeed delivered what she set out to do. The training industry here certainly needs dedicated trainers like her to raise the standard of service in the hospitality industry in Malaysia.

Monica Lai

Group Deputy Managing Director, Ireka Corporation Bhd

The intention to help everyone find that transformative power in themselves has always been Jennifer’s driving force. If you want to trust someone with your growth and breakthrough, find someone that gives you the courage to pull back the curtains, step out and shine!

Jenn is best at what she does, and you will absolutely shine.

Khai Zen

NLP Trainer
 Hypnosis Trainer
Time Line Therapy® Trainer
NLP Coaching Trainer

Jennifer proved to be an excellent trainer, with good knowledge and experience. The materials provided really helped put conflict resolution and good communication skills into perspective for us. They are simple, easy to follow and practical tools for us to use in our work lives. I had a fixed mindset and after the training, I’ve experienced a change in my mindset and can’t wait to continue to embrace a growth mindset.

Look no further, Jennifer is the unbiased voice of guidance who will lead you to short term solutions, with long term gains.

Brenda Ou

Focus Dynamics Group Berhad

Congratulations on the opening of your lovely hotel here in Kuala Lumpur. I just wanted to mention that it is hugely the staff that make or break the success of a hotel and I must say that your staff at The RuMa Hotel have been very well trained. I had a drink and some food at your poolside tonight and the young chap who served us was very pleasant. I believe his name was Salim. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised that the snacks I ordered were also delicious! After that, my friend and I took a chance to ask reception if we could view the hotel rooms.

Again, Mohd. Ezaz who very kindly offered to show us the rooms was warm, very well versed in all aspects of the hotel and most accommodating. Kudos to the training they received. Wishing The RuMa much success and hoping to experience more of your gracious hospitality.


The RUMA Hotel & Residences

Enlightening, practical and brilliant depth of sharing in empowering our minds. It does consciously change both my work and personal life in positive ways. I have been able to employ the components of mindset shift and tips I learnt resulted positively, gradually. Jennifer is  knowledgeable and individually special as a ‘mentor’, able to tailor to our needs according to roles and industry.

An amazing session that makes myself and team look forward for more.

Jessica Chan

Director of Sales & Marketing
The Light Hotel Penang

The Mind Warrior Virtual Bootcamp class is eye opening, like self breakthrough. I enjoyed both session and Jennifer is good in what she is doing. Today was our 3rd session. For me, it’s a great experience since it has been awhile I stopped attending any courses as I was so engaged with work and study. I had been playing in my mind numerous times of the uncertainty of this crisis. That’s why I really want to progress with EKO RUNCIT. Jennifer’s training came just at the right time. Gave me more clarity and removed all the clouds, got me to focus structurally in what I want to do in the next 30 days. Thanks to my boss for signing me up for the training. I’m looking forward everyday for the class and now we are at Reboot phase for the next 7 days.

Maslina Ali Edilarie

Super Powerhouse

Jonathan Quek

Founders Circle

After day one of the Mind Warrior Virtual Bootcamp training, I had a huge release of burden. Reasons are that I could write it down and that I could tell someone – Jennifer. Day by day of the Bootcamp, I’ve been feeling better each day. I’ve also started exercising again after eating. I think I was silently depressed during MCO. I’m doing more with my kids and wife, and things seem to be better now. In fact, my wife just commented this morning. I was able to talk more openly with my partner and I don’t feel alone anymore in this fight for a better future.

Sandeep Grewal


What started off as a curiosity to know what it’s all about quickly turned into a curiosity of what would become of me at the end of my transformation. The first few days into the bootcamp was really tough and intense for me. 

Gradually, I moved forward with a clarity of mind and crafted my own success. Undoubtedly, I have this bootcamp to thank for. 

By feeding positive thoughts into your mind daily, one way or another, it becomes inevitable to see the good change.

Shum CT

Asylea, Australia

I was deeply moved by Ms Jennifer’s session today. Few months before I joined the bootcamp, I was in the state of darkness, feeling sad everyday, hate the job I once loved, feeling lost before I finally hit rock bottom, approximately two weeks before I signed up for the bootcamp. I knew I needed help, and before the bootcamp, I met a stranger and I poured out all my emotions and stories to her, instantaneously became my friend, whom under such circumstances, weren’t properly introduced.

She knows that I am attending the bootcamp, looking at today, I am so glad, I changed a lot, I am more mindful and aware.

Today’s session is superb! One of my favourites (I have so many favourites!) and whenever I look at my notebook, I am impressed with my own notes-taking, never felt this good and so diligently taking down notes. Loved the butterfly theme today, perfect to reflect on self-evolution. Thank you Ms Jennifer and Rachel for a great session.

Dr Norhayati Abdullah

Associate Director, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Ms Jennifer was talking about taking action and being the driver of our lives. I’ve started applying it. I stopped myself from being caught in a situation that will continuously cause damage to myself with or without me realising it.

I was having a mental breakdown before this Bootcamp but now, I’m aware of the fact that I am in total control and that’s why I’m always the one to pick myself up again after a fall. Good thing is I finally realised that I don’t need anyone to make me feel good about myself, or to be validated, or maybe just to make me forget the problem that I’m in currently.

I’ve never felt so much happier about myself and I’m grateful that I’ve finally came to my right senses. I’m the one who is designing my own life, so I start to do this – detaching myself from things that won’t make me grow.

Norliza Fredolin Dius

Student of Institute Latihan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

Most definitely! The programme made my 14 year old son feel so much more empowered and confident in himself. I can also visibly see that he is cultivating and applying a growth mindset to everything that he sets his mind on these days in addition to constantly applying wholesome values.

The camp had a really transparent and welcoming atmosphere where my son felt relaxed and comfortable in opening up and in return he got some really sound advice from the trainers. The best part was when he came home and shared with me what his underlying issues were which I had absolutely no clue about. And mind you, I’m one of those mom’s that spends at least 2 hours of uninterupted time every single day to just talk to my teen son.

So this was extremely valuable to the both of us. Seriously. Neither me nor my son would have ever been able to address these issues if it was not for this camp. He has now ventured into setting up his own company and has an entrepreneurial mindset that tells him there are no limitations to what he can achieve, despite his age.

So to sum it up, this camp was undeniably one of a kind and I am now enjoying the success of understanding my own self as a mom to a teen son that has an ever evolving mind, even more.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Jenn!

Datin Sri Kristine Anne Williams

Mother of Kros Anntonio Pereira