Building Life Skills for Youths

Nurturing Positive Values in Youth

Learn How to Shift Your Teen's Mindset and Empower Them to Master Their Mind to Achieve Positivity in Life

Optimism is a wonderful quality but creating positivity requires more than hoping for the best. For teens, who are still learning how to regulate their teen emotions, it is especially important to start building new ways of thinking and acting that can stay with them for the long term. Positive routines and relationships can protect teens from mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

Out of passion for her own three teenage children, and her expertise in Mindset and NLP Master Practitioner training, Jennifer Ong created a Mindset Transformation training and coaching programme to empower teens through her Mind Mastery NLP-based techniques. These techniques have proven that when well-practiced, they can put teens on the path to understanding and breaking deep-rooted bad habits and negative thoughts, and eventually replacing the negative behavioural patterns with positive actions. It teaches them how to take control of their mind and win the mental game towards achieving positivity in life.

The power of the mind plays a critical role in cultivating a commitment to personal growth and shaping our teens to live out their true potential. Jennifer’s Mind Mastery techniques will empower teens with ways to adopt mindset growth so they can achieve the results they desire.

For the Teen Empowerment programme, Jennifer has created a special 2-hour team building game called PLAN | FOCUS | AIM, proven to unlock the creativity of individuals between ages 12 and 19. Coupled with problem solving activities using unique and fun tools that focuses on team work, trust, gratitude, responsibility and accountability amongst other values in life, this camp is the answer for every parent wanting a positive change in their teen’s mindset.


Most definitely! The programme made my 14 year old son feel so much more empowered and confident in himself. I can also visibly see that he is cultivating and applying a growth mindset to everything that he sets his mind on these days in addition to constantly applying wholesome values.

The camp had a really transparent and welcoming atmosphere where my son felt relaxed and comfortable in opening up and in return he got some really sound advice from the trainers. The best part was when he came home and shared with me what his underlying issues were which I had absolutely no clue about. And mind you, I’m one of those mom’s that spends at least 2 hours of uninterupted time every single day to just talk to my teen son.

So this was extremely valuable to the both of us. Seriously. Neither me nor my son would have ever been able to address these issues if it was not for this camp. He has now ventured into setting up his own company and has an entrepreneurial mindset that tells him there are no limitations to what he can achieve, despite his age.

So to sum it up, this camp was undeniably one of a kind and I am now enjoying the success of understanding my own self as a mom to a teen son that has an ever evolving mind, even more.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Jenn!

Datin Sri Kristine Anne Williams

Mother of Kros Anntonio Pereira