The Art of Mastering Your Mind

Train Your Unconscious Mind for Self-Empowerment, Mental Strength and Resourcefulness

The Mind Warrior Bootcamp with NLP is an intensive and result-driven training and coaching programme to help unlock the greatest potential in every individual. It empowers you with the knowledge and skill to mastering your mind for greater success in life. Through this bootcamp, you will learn how to reset your thinking pattern, feed your mind with the right thoughts, gain mental clarity and stay calm under pressure. You will experience real and positive changes in your life throughout the bootcamp.

Mind Mastery is a life skill that every individual should master in life. It is a skill for building mental resilience and empowering oneself to be in control of their own thoughts, emotions and actions, and ultimately, influencing their outcomes in life.

The Mind Warrior Virtual Bootcamp provides you with the knowledge and skills to master you mind for greater success and have the ability to be resourceful at all times. You will experience a phenomenal transformation, an increase of self-awareness and self-confidence during the bootcamp and will see yourself responding more willingly and effectively to change. You will also be instilled with clarity of mind to turn your life around completely.


  • You will have the ability to be in control of your mind to get the outcomes you want.
  • You will be empowered to take negative thoughts and problems and convert them into positive thoughts and solutions in times of stress.
  • You will have the ability to disconnect from negative thoughts and replace them with a positive thinking pattern, and the skill to take a difficult situation and make something positive out of it.
  • You will have the skill to train your mind to focus on what you want and not what you don’t want.
  • You will have the understanding on the importance of feeding your mind with abundance of positivity.
  • You will create a more engaging learning process for yourself and others which will help you learn how to communicate and deliver your message in more positive ways.
  • You will have the understanding to be accountable for whatever outcomes you get from your actions and not put the blame on others.
  • You will be in control of the way you think, feel and behave, and as a result, the outcomes in your life.
  • You will have more self- awareness in creating positive mindset content that will eventually be programmed as an autopilot thinking pattern which will put you in a resourceful state at all times.


It is based on the 3-R principles called REBOOT | REALIGN | REFOCUS, proven to discover the root cause of problems, discharge from negative feelings and replace with positive emotions, resetting of the mind, eliminate the negative behaviourial patterns, and focus on desired outcomes instead of prediction of failure.

You will experience the most amazing and intense coaching you will ever get. Master all of the NLP-based techniques of this bootcamp that have been scientifically proven, tested, and taught to individuals who have successfully changed their lives for the better.


The Mind Warrior Virtual Bootcamp class is eye opening, like self breakthrough. I enjoyed both session and Jennifer is good in what she is doing. Today was our 3rd session. For me, it’s a great experience since it has been awhile I stopped attending any courses as I was so engaged with work and study. I had been playing in my mind numerous times of the uncertainty of this crisis. That’s why I really want to progress with EKO RUNCIT. Jennifer’s training came just at the right time. Gave me more clarity and removed all the clouds, got me to focus structurally in what I want to do in the next 30 days. Thanks to my boss for signing me up for the training. I’m looking forward everyday for the class and now we are at Reboot phase for the next 7 days.

Maslina Ali Edilarie

Super Powerhouse

After day one of the Mind Warrior Virtual Bootcamp training, I had a huge release of burden. Reasons are that I could write it down and that I could tell someone – Jennifer. Day by day of the Bootcamp, I’ve been feeling better each day. I’ve also started exercising again after eating. I think I was silently depressed during MCO. I’m doing more with my kids and wife, and things seem to be better now. In fact, my wife just commented this morning. I was able to talk more openly with my partner and I don’t feel alone anymore in this fight for a better future.

Sandeep Grewal


What started off as a curiosity to know what it’s all about quickly turned into a curiosity of what would become of me at the end of my transformation. The first few days into the bootcamp was really tough and intense for me. 

Gradually, I moved forward with a clarity of mind and crafted my own success. Undoubtedly, I have this bootcamp to thank for. 

By feeding positive thoughts into your mind daily, one way or another, it becomes inevitable to see the good change.

Shum CT

Asylea, Australia

Ms Jennifer was talking about taking action and being the driver of our lives. I’ve started applying it. I stopped myself from being caught in a situation that will continuously cause damage to myself with or without me realising it.

I was having a mental breakdown before this Bootcamp but now, I’m aware of the fact that I am in total control and that’s why I’m always the one to pick myself up again after a fall. Good thing is I finally realised that I don’t need anyone to make me feel good about myself, or to be validated, or maybe just to make me forget the problem that I’m in currently.

I’ve never felt so much happier about myself and I’m grateful that I’ve finally came to my right senses. I’m the one who is designing my own life, so I start to do this – detaching myself from things that won’t make me grow.

Norliza Fredolin Dius

Student of Institute Latihan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

“I was deeply moved by Ms Jennifer’s session today. Few months before I joined the bootcamp, I was in the state of darkness, feeling sad everyday, hate the job I once loved, feeling lost before I finally hit rock bottom, approximately two weeks before I signed up for the bootcamp. I knew I needed help, and before the bootcamp, I met a stranger and I poured out all my emotions and stories to her, instantaneously became my friend, whom under such circumstances, weren’t properly introduced.

She knows that I am attending the bootcamp, looking at today, I am so glad, I changed a lot, I am more mindful and aware.

Today’s session is superb! One of my favourites (I have so many favourites!) and whenever I look at my notebook, I am impressed with my own notes-taking, never felt this good and so diligently taking down notes. Loved the butterfly theme today, perfect to reflect on self-evolution. Thank you Ms Jennifer and Rachel for a great session.”

Dr Norhayati Abdullah

Associate Director, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.