Innovative Entrepreneur

I’ve embarked on an arduous yet rewarding journey of Entrepreneurship spanning over three decades, whilst navigating challenges with Resilience and Determination. It’s a journey that began unexpectedly at the age of 22, propelled by a blend of experience and curiosity, ultimately reaping the gratifying fruits of Perseverance and Innovation.

From the age of 16, I eagerly begin my journey into the workforce while still attending school. Selling perfumes and cosmetics for esteemed companies such as Cosmetiques De France and LuxAsia during school holidays ignited my passion for sales, with Paloma Picasso perfume marking my memorable debut in the world of fragrance. However, my thirst for adventure led me to Singapore Airlines in 1990, where I soared to new heights as a Flight Stewardess on International routes.


After two exhilarating years in the skies, I transitioned to the vibrant city life of Singapore, where I embraced new opportunities with Citibank Singapore and Loro Piana, an Italian luxury textile company. My five-year tenure in Singapore saw me delving into diverse industries, from Advertising with Pearl & Dean, Singapore’s premier billboard Advertising company, to magazine advertising for prestigious clients like American Express and leading Hospitality publishing firms.


Each chapter of my career journey, from humble beginnings in sales to the dynamic world of Aviation and Advertising, has fuelled my Entrepreneurial spirit, shaping me into the driven and determined individual I am today.

The sudden loss of my beloved husband, who was not only my life partner but also my business confidant, brought a veil of uncertainty over our endeavours. However, it was in the face of adversity that the true essence of Entrepreneurship revealed itself. Undeterred by the daunting prospect of navigating the business alone, I embarked on a journey of Solo Entrepreneurship and Resilience. Through unwavering Perseverance and a willingness to adapt, I steered through the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship, turning setbacks into opportunities for growth.

The evolution of my business, expanding from Publishing to encompass Awards, Events, and Training, stands as a testament to my Adaptability and Dedication to addressing industry gaps and introducing Innovative Solutions. From the inception of Hospitality Asia to the establishment of HAPA® and The MIND Academy, each new venture reflects my unwavering commitment to excellence and relevance. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, I continuously refine my expertise to meet the ever-changing needs of industry stakeholders.

It was a serendipitous return to Malaysia, prompted by familial ties, that set the stage for a pivotal moment in my life. Faced with the question of what path to tread upon returning to Malaysia, it was the encouragement of my late husband, a seasoned Entrepreneur himself, that ignited the spark of possibility within me. With a wealth of experience in Advertising and Publishing at our disposal, we journeyed into the unknown, armed with little more than determination and a modest sum of capital.  Establishing our modest office space, we immersed ourselves in the complexities of building a publishing enterprise and launched our inaugural publication, Hospitality Asia. From navigating bureaucratic labyrinths to assembling a team of writers and designers, each challenge was met with Resilience and a fervent desire to succeed. The years that followed were marked by both triumphs and tragedies.

As I reflect on the past three decades, I am humbled by the lessons learned and inspired by the opportunities yet to come. My role as an Entrepreneur extends far beyond the confines of business; it is a testament to my unwavering Commitment to driving Positive Change and Fostering Growth, both within my organisation and the broader Entrepreneurial community.

Moving forward, I am committed to continuing the legacy of Innovation and Resilience,   Pioneering Tomorrow’s Solutions that defines our journey thus far. Guided by a steadfast vision and fuelled by the lessons of the past, I am confident that the next chapter of our Entrepreneurial odyssey will be defined by even Greater Achievements and Transformative Impact.

"women embody diverse personas, playing numerous roles, yet our core essence remains constant"

This enduring essence is the very fabric of who we are, weaving its way through every aspect of our existence and bringing together the multitude of personas we embody.

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