Events Architect

In 2011, I embarked on an exhilarating journey into the dynamic world of events and the excitement of those early days still resonates with me.

I vividly recall my initial conversation with Enrich Malaysia Airlines, where they expressed their desire to host an exclusive event for their esteemed Platinum members. They sought a blend of dining experiences and interactive engagements that would leave a lasting impression. Intrigued by the challenge, I delved into my unknown passion for crafting truly distinctive events, ones that push boundaries and defy convention. As I conversed with the Head of Enrich Malaysia Airlines, the seeds of innovation were planted. I proposed an immersive “Travel and Dining Indulgence,” envisioning a unique collaboration with a luxury automobile brand to transport guests from Kuala Lumpur to an exquisite dining destination. This idea sparked enthusiasm on both sides, leading to a collaborative effort to bring it to life. Before long, I found myself entrusted with the task of not just conceptualising, but meticulously orchestrating every detail of the event.

Thus began my journey as an Events Architect, a role where I thrive in the creative process from inception to execution. The success of that inaugural event paved the way for a flourishing career marked by a diverse portfolio of projects, spanning Corporate Launches, Prestigious Galas and even Royal Engagements. Each opportunity fuelled my passion for innovation, driving me to constantly seek out new challenges and uncharted territories in the realm of Event Design.

As an Events Architect, my mission extends beyond mere coordination; it is about creating moments that captivate, inspire and leave an indelible mark on those who partake. Whether it’s conceptualising Themed Galas, orchestrating International Conferences or curating lavish Weddings, my approach to each project is to explore uncharted territories, challenge conventions and breathe life into the extraordinary.

So, when you hand me a blank canvas and a pen, you’re not just commissioning an event. – you’re inviting me on a journey of Crafting Experiences and Shaping Memories, to transform dreams into reality that will be cherished for a lifetime.

"women embody diverse personas, playing numerous roles, yet our core essence remains constant"

This enduring essence is the very fabric of who we are, weaving its way through every aspect of our existence and bringing together the multitude of personas we embody.

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