Dynamic Trainer

Becoming a Dynamic Trainer wasn’t a preconceived notion for me; rather, it unfolded unexpectedly, much like many significant events in life—Awards, Entrepreneurial Ventures and Transformative moments. It was a reflective journey that began in 2017, following an Awards Ceremony where I noticed a decline in service standards among Malaysian nominees. This observation sparked a quest to understand the underlying causes and find solutions. Through engaging with Hotels operators and F&B owners revealed a prevailing focus on skills-based training, which failed to address the essence of Service Delivery. Recognising a profound gap in mindset and attitude, I realised that Service Excellence emanates not just from technical skills but from the disposition and mindset of individuals. It became clear to me that a shift in Mindset was imperative to ignite meaningful change.

As a result, I found myself inadvertently taking on the role of a Mindset Trainer, spurred by a passion to contribute to the improvement of declining service standards. With a focus on Mindset Transformation and Service Attitude Training, I pioneered the concept of Mindset Training within the Hospitality industry, aiming to cultivate a fresh outlook and promote a culture of Service Excellence. This initiative led to the creation of an Actionable Intelligence Trainings titled “Shifting Mindsets Towards Achieving Excellence.” Subsequently, I was approached by various service sectors, including Tourism Malaysia, to conduct the exact Mindset Training sessions and to deliver talks on Mindset Transformation.

With no existing framework for Mindset Training within the industry, I ventured into uncharted territory. This initiative marked the genesis of my journey as a catalyst for change within the Hospitality sector. As I delved deeper into Mindset Training, my passion for Empowering individuals grew. I embarked on a quest to comprehend the intricacies of the human mind, leading me to the realm of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Initially confounded by its complexity, I persevered, recognising its potential to revolutionise my approach to Training.

In 2019, my encounter with an NLP Trainer unveiled a new dimension of understanding. Embracing NLP not only enriched my personal growth but also enhanced my ability to facilitate transformative experiences for others. I immersed myself in mastering NLP techniques, driven by a desire to Empower individuals to unlock their fullest potential.


The pursuit of Mastery became a cornerstone of my journey. Armed with newfound insights and expertise, I evolved from an International Certified NLP Trainer to a Certified NLP Master Coach, guiding others on their paths to Self-Discovery and Personal Excellence. Each session became a conduit for enlightenment, fostering introspection and facilitating growth beyond conventional boundaries.

As I progress towards my aspiration of becoming a Certified NLP Master Trainer in 2026, a journey spanning five years, I am brimming with anticipation. Upon completion, I will graduate as one of the first ten individuals in Malaysia recognised by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) as an International Certified NLP Master Trainer. This endeavour is driven by a deep sense of purpose. My role extends beyond just Training; it embodies a commitment to facilitating profound shifts in Perception and Behaviour. With each session, I strive to elevate not only the skill set but also the Consciousness of every individual, empowering them to navigate life’s complexities with Clarity and Confidence.

In essence, my journey as a Dynamic Trainer is a testament to the Transformative Power of Education and Enlightenment. By embracing Innovation and continuous Learning, I aspire to be a Catalyst for Mind Shifting and Change Ignition, one mind at a time.

"women embody diverse personas, playing numerous roles, yet our core essence remains constant"

This enduring essence is the very fabric of who we are, weaving its way through every aspect of our existence and bringing together the multitude of personas we embody.

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