Awards Maestro

I embarked on this journey fuelled by a profound realisation; A realisation that there is an existence of unsung heroes, the backbone of the Hospitality industry, whose tireless efforts often go unnoticed. 

It was during a moment of reflection in a Singapore hotel lobby that this epiphany struck me. As I observed the quiet dedication of individuals at the Front of House, such as the bellboys and doormen as well as those at the Back of House including housekeeping and stewarding, I couldn’t help but wonder: who truly recognises these individuals and the others who form the backbone of Operations? The answer, I discovered, was dishearteningly simple – hardly anyone. 

Thus began my mission to bridge this gap, to shine a radiant spotlight on these unsung champions. Conversations with industry leaders revealed a stark truth: while recognition abounded for front-facing figures, those toiling behind the scenes were often overlooked. This realisation stirred a fire within me, igniting a passion to rectify this imbalance.

HAPA Awards

Thus, the HAPA® Awards emerged as a beacon of recognition for the Hospitality and Tourism sectors. As an Awards Maestro, my purpose transcends mere ceremonies; it is about identifying those forgotten pockets of Excellence and breathing life into them through customised accolades. From honouring the steadfast dedication of Back of House staff to recognising passionate Hospitality Leaders and Chefs and celebrating Resilience of Entrepreneurs and Women in Business, my endeavours encompass a spectrum of industries and individuals. For me, the true measure of success lies in witnessing individuals step into the limelight for the first time, basking in the well-deserved glow of acknowledgment.

For over two decades, this has been my calling – to orchestrate moments of triumph, to curate experiences where Appreciation flows freely. In this role, I find not just fulfilment but a perpetual source of Inspiration. As I envision the future, my passion intensifies, propelling me forward in my mission to not only discover and shine a light on the unsung heroes of the industries but also on the Women of Substance whose impactful contributions have often gone unrewarded. I am also committed to highlighting the achievements of CEOs who have left their mark on the Hospitality sector, beyond the realm of General Managers and Entrepreneurs.

This, dear friends, is the symphony of Recognition, and as I continue to champion the Power of Recognition playing the role of a Master in Excellence, I invite others to join me in Honouring Excellence, Celebrating Achievements and Fostering a Culture of Appreciation.

"women embody diverse personas, playing numerous roles, yet our core essence remains constant"

This enduring essence is the very fabric of who we are, weaving its way through every aspect of our existence and bringing together the multitude of personas we embody.

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