Malaysia’s Master Mindset Trainer & Coach

30 years ago, Jennifer Ong founded Hospitality Asia – the region’s premier industry-specific Hospitality, F&B and Travel magazine – which paved the way for her entry into the world of publishing at the age of 22. 

Her devotion and insatiable zest towards raising the benchmark within the hospitality industry has successfully steered her company into one of the most established and recognised hospitality platforms in the industry, encompassing Media, Awards, Events and Training. 

In recognition of industry distinction, she published The Pinnacle of Hospitality in 2005, a timeless collector’s edition featuring the journey of top 100 industry owners and personalities to honour and recognise their outstanding dedication, contribution and passion towards the hospitality industry.

Jennifer is also founder and mastermind behind the much sought-after and widely acknowledged HAPA Awards, an industry benchmark regional awards programme which recognises and rewards outstanding establishments and passionate individuals who have shown commitment, drive and passion for excellence in the hospitality, service and culinary industries throughout Asia. 

Her own unwavering dedication to this cause was rewarded when she was nominated for the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Award for “Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2011” and “EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Malaysia” by Ernst & Young.


Being a firm believer in service excellence, Jennifer introduced mindset, service excellence, customer experience and skills training programmes aimed at uplifting service standards in the hospitality and service industry.

Her timely introduction of a Mindset Mastery Training programme came about as a result of her ability to identify issues pertaining to service standards and the lack of purpose and drive in the workforce community.

Her passion for bridging the gap between people and shifting mindsets resets personal and working relationships, leading towards an enriching and rewarding experience for the workforce as well as a more conducive and productive work environment for the organisation.

As a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Certified TimeLine Therapy® Practitioner as well as a HRDF certified professional trainer, Jennifer conducts training together with industry and subject-matter experts, to enforce this belief.

Jennifer believes that the power of the mind plays a critical role in cultivating a commitment to personal growth and excellence as well as shaping yourself to live out your true potential. 

Her main focus is to address what mindset is about and how it impacts people’s daily lives. She enjoys working with companies and individuals, speaking on and addressing issues of mindsets across all platforms in life. 

Her Mind Mastery programme will empower you with ways to adopt mindset growth so you can achieve the results you desire.